Chahat Hui Tere Naam - Episode 110

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21 Mar, 2017

Drama Serial Chahat Hui Tere Naam is a story of a girl (Hira) who is going to look after her sister because Hira’s sister is pregnant. Hira’s brother in law (Fareed) is in love with her and one day Fareed tells Hira about his feelings for her. Hira does not love her and she avoids him as much as she can do. By chance Hira’s sister comes to know that Fareed is in love with her sister, she starts quarreling with Hira and asked her to remain away from her husband. Unfortunately, Hira’s sister dies while delivering the baby, she calls Hira and takes a promise from her to look after hrs baby and get marry with her husband. To take the words of her sister Hira marries with Fareed. Their son, Alizay, is not present in the house and they start searching him. During their search, Fareed gets an accident and becomes handicap (paralyzed). Now the responsibilities of Hira increases, she has to go out for work and after work, she has to look after her family. Fareed gradually develops an inferiority complex and starts blaming and shows doubts in her character. The story takes a turn when Fareed pronounce divorce to Hira. After her divorce, she married with Ashar who was already married but her first wife could not give birth of baby due to medical problems. Ashar’s first wife is not willing to accept Hira as the second wife of her husband. She starts creating misunderstanding between Ashar and Hira. This major turn makes the Drama Serial a must watch for all. Let’s watch here at VIDPK.

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