Mere Baba Ki Ounchi Haveli - Episode 111

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17 Mar, 2017

The Drama Serial Mere Baba Ki Ounchi Haveli revolves around three sisters (Abeera, Sidra and Safia) and their father (Abba Mian). Abba Mian is very careful and protective of his daughters by nature but his overprotective attitude ruins the future of his two daughters (Safia and Sidra) by marrying against their will and choice. Abba Mian thinks that whatever he is doing and has done is only to secure their future but Sidra blames her father for all the bad circumstance which she is facing now. Abeera is the younger daughter of Abba Mian and is very near to him but her other two daughters think that Abba Mian will ruin her future too. The story of this Drama Serial is entering a new phase with the future of Abeera. Don’t miss to watch here at VIDPK and watch what will be the fate of Abeera..

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