Koi Ishq Na Janay - Episode 6

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17 Mar, 2017

Drama Serial Koi Ishq Na Janay is a presentation of PTV Home. The story of this drama is quite different and interesting too. It revolves around the ups and downs of Mr. Jamal’s family. He is a retired professor and father of three sons. Kamaal is becoming a pilot, as his training is due to be over in two weeks time. Salal the second son of Jamal is a successful businessman and a responsible person to take care of his house. The third one is talal who helps his elder brother in his business. Kamaal and tamseela love each other and Mr.Jamal has fixed their marriage after a week. But the story takes a drastic turn, as Kamaal’s final training flight proved detrimental and he dies in a plane crash. His family was shattered after listening to this horrifying news. On the other hand, Tamseela is also shocked to hear about the death of Kamaal. Looking at the miserable condition of Tamseela, Mr. Jamal takes her home and decides to take care of her. Kamaal’s mother is not happy with this decision of her husband. To watch all episodes of Koi Ishq Na Janay, log on to VidPk.com