Funkari - Episode 52

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15 Mar, 2017

The Drama Serial Fankari is a mixture of suspense, rivalry, love, and humor. Chauhadri Hashmat and Chand (the nephew of Chaudhary Hashmat) run a cattle farm in a village. Chand loves Chandni who is the sister of a landlord Dildar but Dildar wants to marry her sister with a better person than Chand. Dildar arranges the marriage of his sister with Shakir Pehlwan. Now Chand and Shakir want to make the other as a Villon of their love story. Faraz is living in a city and loves a girl Sana by heart and soul but the Faraz decided to send his proposal for Sana when he is at the same status with the Sana’s family. The story takes a twist when Iftikhar Ud Din (the lawyer of Shafqat) recalls that before the death of Shafqat, Shafqat had purchased a plot. He contacts with the relatives of Shafqat and they lead him to Chand. Chand inherits all property of his father (Shafqat) because he was adopted by his uncle Chaudhary Hashmat. Now Chand and Chaudhary Hashmat move for the city to look after the property of Chand. Will rivalry between Chand and Shakir end up? Will Chaudhary Hashmat and Dildar become friends? Will Chand be able to get the hand of Chandni from his brother? Let’s watch here at VIDPK and watch the beautiful and interesting story.