Manjhdar - Episode 52

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5 Jan, 2017

The Drama Serial Manjhdaar is the story of a mother (Saleema) who is an over possessive by nature. This over possessive attitude moves her on the bad ways which make her life very terrible. Saleema does not want to marry her children according to their wishes. She wants to choose their life partners. Saleema decides to take control of her children through wazeefa but unfortunately, she ruined their lives. Her elder son becomes insane when he loses his love but she starts to take control the wife of her second son. The wife of her second son starts agitation against her mother in law. Due to this agitation and her over possessiveness makes her life miserable because this is the first moment in her life that someone stands against her decisions. Will Saleema be able to take full control over her daughter in law? Will Saleema’s daughter in law ruled out her all plans? Let’s watch here at VIDPK and enjoy.

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