Rishta Anjana Sa - Episode 106

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4 Jan, 2017

Love and Trust are the main ingredients for strong relations. The Drama Serial Rishta Anjana Sa is the story of a girl (Wafa) who is in love with Rehmat although he is not an educated man but he knows about respect, love, and trust. Wafa is an educated girl and gives priority to her modesty over everything. Sajeela is the cousin of Rahmat who does not want to see Wafa and Rehmat in any relation. She tries to create misunderstandings between Wafa and Rehmat to break their relation. There is another character Bunty who know about the feelings of Rahmat and Wafa and save them from Sajeela and her evils. When Sajeela comes to know that Bunty is the person who creates understanding between Wafa and Rehmat in spite of her misunderstandings then she makes a new plan to break this collation. Will Sajeela be able to break their relation? Will Sajeela realizes her mistakes? Let’s watch here at VIDPK and watch the interesting Drama Serial.

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