Roshni - Episode 30

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5 Dec, 2016

The main character of the Drama Serial is the girl who is very brave and fights against every injustice. This protagonist girl is Roshni who is the star character as well as the title of the Drama. Zameer sahib has two sons and two daughters, his elder son (Hassam) is handicapped and the other son (Aman) is spoiled by his notorious friends. Zameer wants to marry Aman with Roshni so that Aman mends his ways for a good life. The story takes a twist when Roshni’s father refuses to marry his daughter with Aman because Roshni is a highly educated girl and Aman is not a suitable partner for her daughter. After this refusal, Aman decides to take revenge from Roshni and him with his mother, Mumtaz begam, makes a plan and at the wedding ceremony they create a panic situation for Roshni’s father and the wedding called off. Hassam gets married to Roshni and now Aman with his mother are ready to get the revenge. Will Aman and his mother be able to get revenge from Roshni? Will Hassam protects his wife in this plan? Let’s watch here at VIDPK and watch the life of Roshni in her susraal.

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