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23 Sep, 2016

Sangdil is a Geo TV serial. The drama Sangdil is based on the story of two stepsisters, Zobia and Sofia. Sofia is very much similar to her mother Farkhanda, a very obedient and kind hearted girl, but posses an ordinary look. Zobia is a completely different personality, a selfish but good looking girl. Zobia lost her mother in the childhood, that’s why she always gets all the attention of her father. She fell in love with an actor, but her father refused him because of his occupation. She thought that it happened because of Sofia’s mother (her step mother) who don’t want to see her happy (in her belief). Sofia fell in love with a guy living in their neighbor, but that guy was in love with Zobia. Zobia accepted that proposal just to steal the happiness of Sofia. Will Sofia ever get her rights? The drama Sangdil is perfect portrait of our real stories. Watch all episodes of drama Sangdil, here at VIDPK.

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