The Significance of Link Building

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31 May, 2008

The more sites that link to your website, the more important your site is believed to be by the search engines. The more sites that link in improves the page rank of each page in the site. Link building is the process by which other sites are encouraged to link in to yours. As other websites link in the "link popularity" increases. As the link popularity increases the search engines will interpret this as your site more important. This in turn should help to drive more traffic to your we site.

Search engines are not simply looking for the number of links that point to a website, but the number of quality links. The most important part of this process is obtaining quality links. Quality links have 2 parts to them;

Links from website that possess a high Page Rank. Obtaining a link from a website with a high Page Rank is best, although any site with 1 or above is beneficial

Links from websites that are associated with the industry in which you do business.

Although it is best to get links from higher pagerank sites, incoming links from pages with no, or 0 pagerank should not ne discounted as these could be the high pagerank sites of the future.

One of the best ways to advance your link popularity is to offer quality and informative content to your visitors and hope for natural links. If they find the information interesting enough, they will naturally link their website to your own.

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You may start linking now to get more and more traffic.

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