Design, fabrication and control of a VTOL capable UAV

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10 May, 2008

A Vertical Take-off and Landing capable Unmanned Air-Borne Vehicle matches the capabilities of a helicopter when it takes off and matches the speed of fixed wing UAVs when it comes to horizontal flight. It will give many advantages over its fixed wing counterparts, which require proper addressing of landing and taking off issues.
The aircraft has three modes of flight: hover, transition and horizontal flight. We have developed the hover mode of flight.

This project stood as the best overall project in COMPEC 2008 and won gold medal as the best project in the electrical engineering department College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering NUST.

This is for the very first time that anyone has worked in the field of VTOL UAVs in Pakistan.

For technical details and other queries mail me at hushamahmad@gmailcom

Group members:

Saad Islam
Adnan Sajjad
Husham Ahmed
Jawad Ali Mughal