Mr Prime Minister ( Yousuf Raza Gillani ) - and his luxuries

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20 Apr, 2008

When Mr.Yousuf Raza Gilani took oath, he said, he wants to eliminate VVIP culture, he don't like to stop traffic while VVIPs are moving inter city. He ban above 1600CC vehicles for all MNAs and MPAs.

This was first side of the coin.

Other side is this video, in which you can clearly see his convoy during visit to Karachi, includes two helicopters, 6 mobiles, 4 Commando jeeps, 4 prado, 3 lexus, 3 mercedez benz.

He was followed by President of Pakistan, his convoy includes 4 jeeps of SSG and 2 police mobiles and an army helicopter.

Hippocrate people, the feudals who has habbit of luxuries, if they can't live without, then why they make promises ?

P.S: Place in this video is F.G Public School Karachi Cantt.