11 Reasons Why We Love Islamabad


The clean and green capital city of Pakistan is one of the world’s most beautiful cities. It has some major attractions that make us all fall for it.

Being the most developed city in the country, this multi-ethnic city is mostly home to politicians, foreign diplomats and administration employees.

We Pakistanis love this contemporary and cosmopolitan city of Islamabad. Here are the 11 reasons why!

  1. The Iconic Faisal Mosque

Faisal Mosque

Faisal mosque has been a constant cause of praise since years. Uniquely designed, it is one of the most beautiful mosques in the world.

Constructed in 1986, this national mosque of Pakistan has been designed by a Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay.  The view of Margalla hills in the backdrop makes it look even more beautiful.

  1. Monal- The Hilltop Restaurant

Offering a mesmerizing view of the city, this restaurant at such a high altitude is a perfect spot for having a meal.

A number of people visit this restaurant everyday with their friends and families. The place is mostly crowded especially at weekends. We suggest you to make a reservation before you go there. Otherwise you’ll find yourself waiting outside for some space to dine in.

  1. Lush Green Daman-e-Koh

Located at an elevation below Monal, Daman-e-Koh attracts people with its lush green view. Woods, carpeted grass and yellow flowers offer a refreshing site.

You can visit this place at any time of the day. We are sure it is one of your happy spots.

  1. The Traditional Saidpur Village

Depicting the years old history, heritage and folklore, Saidpur village is a great place to be around.

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There are a few restaurants for the visitors. The traditional ambiance of the place makes it a perfect spot for having a quality time.

  1. The Symbolic Pakistan Monument

Pakistan Monument

This public national monument following the national heritage museum is a must-see for every Pakistani.

This monument is a tribute to recognize the sacrifices of all those people who died only to make the independence of Pakistan possible.

The petals represent the 4 provinces and 3 territories. The patterns on each petal show the culture of that region.

  1. The Soothing Rawal Lake

Rawal Lake

This artificial water reservoir serves the purpose of recreation also. It is one of the favourite tourist spots in Islamabad. People go there for boating, water skating, and diving.

  1. The Beautiful Lake View Park

This recreational centre, meeting the bank of Rawal Lake is an exquisite spot.

You can go for a walk, have food, take fun rides, go rock climbing or any other thing you want to do. This park has plenty of options to amuse you. That’s another reason why we love Islamabad.

  1. Lok Virsa- The House of Cultural Heritage

Lok Virsa

The finest cultural museum of Pakistan, Lok Virsa exhibits our cultural heritage. It displays the lifestyle of people of Pakistan through statues, pottery items, textile work and similar things. The building surrounding the museum itself is displaying the traditional architecture of Pakistan.

  1. The Appetizing Melody Food Street

For all the foodies out there, this place is your spot. You’ll get to try some really delicious food here.

  1. Mighty Margalla Hills

When talking about Islamabad, how can we forget mentioning the mighty Margalla hills that are surrounding the city?

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If hiking is your thing, then Islamabad Margalla Hills Range is the perfect spot for you.

  1. Centaurus Mall- The Retail Therapy Centre

Centaurus Mall

If all this doesn’t attract you, we are sure you’ll love some shopping. Centaurus mall is a great option to have your retail therapy.

It offers a wide range of everything one can think of buying. From local to international brands, this place has a lot to offer to all those shopping freaks.

These are the 11 reasons why we love Islamabad. If you think we have skipped any important place or if you have another reason, share with us in the comments section below.

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