Arabian Chicken Shawarma & Hummus salad - Chef Zakir P-2

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9 Apr, 2008

Arabian Chicken Shawarma & Hummus salad by Chef Zakir on Masala TvChicken ShawarmaChicken:250 g chicken boneless Julian2tbsp ginger, garlic paste1/4 tsp cinnamon powder3 green chilies [remove seeds and chop]4 tbsp yogurtsalt, black pepper and white pepper.2tbsp oilMix above ingredients in chicken except oil.Heat oil in a grill pan/ normal pan and place chicken in it. In a shape of layer.Move spoon and cook chicken.Sauce:1/2 cup boil chane3tbsp yogurt2tbsp tehni sauce1 lemon1tbsp olive oilsalt, black pepperBlend boil chane, yogurt, tehni sauce, lemon juice, salt and black pepper in a smooth paste. Add olive oil at the end and mix it.Salad:1 cucumber1 beetroot1 onion[Julian]cabbage [Julian]1 lemon1tbsp olive oilsalt, black pepperBoil cucumber and beetroot in water. Also add vinegar in water. When they soft Julian cut.In a bowl put in all vegetables, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and black pepper. Combine well.Complete Method:Take 1 packet bread. Heat up it with a little oil in a pan from both sides. [heat it when you are going to serve]Place pita bread on butter pepper.Put chicken, sauce and salad on edge of bread.Roll bread. Just like shawarma is rolled.