Nehari & Fruit Custard Recipe - Chef Zakir P-1

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1 Apr, 2008

Nehari & Fruit Custard Recipe by Chef Zakir on Masala Tv1/2 kg Bong ka ghost (mutton) or use 1/2kg undercut beef (Chef Zakir used mutton)2 med onions thin sliced1dry ginger 1 piece & 1tbl fennel seed (make a potli of it)1 cup atta (regular roti flour)2tbl red chili pepper2 tbl red chili pwd1 tbl garam masalasalt to taste250grms ghee or 1 pyali2tbl ginger & garlic paste(mix in bowl with 1/2 pyali of water)Water as needed1tsp of Pisa garam masala (for garnishing)1st step- Make Potli using cheese cloth by putting 1inch sond(dry ginger) & 2tbl sabut sanuf)& tie it.cut off the excess cloth. (set aside)2nd step- In pan add ghee (never oil, the flavor wont be the same) then add onions, dont make the onions red. (if it's brown it will affect the color of Nihari)3rd step- when the onion gets a little soft, then add potli. & ghost.(if you use beef then use a little more water & cook longer)when the color of the ghost changes, then bhoon at little more,4th step- then add ginger garlic paste & keep stirring.cook it for about 5-10 minutes. & when everything's mixed in.5th step- then mix in 2tbl of red chili pwd.after 5-7 minutes, after water is absorbed (keep stirring)6th step- then add salt7th step- then add water up 3/4 jug or 1 liter. then mix. & now cover. 8-10 minutes on high speed. until it boils then lower the heat. about after 20 minutes or so.8th step- then add atta. (in a bowl add lal atta & 1.5 cup water to make a very watery paste)& mix & stir.9th step- Add garam masala (In a bowl mix in 1tsp pisa garam masal 2Tbl of water)& cover. for 5-10 minutes . & cover dont open.10th step- GARNISH- with ginger slices.