Jahan Ara Begum - Episode 81 On Hum Sitaray

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26 Jun, 2014

Jahan Ara Begum is a popular soap airing on Hum Sitaray. Jahan Ara Begum, a strong and wealthy woman, leads the story with her desire to control everyone and everything in her surroundings. She tries to come up with different tricks and plans to ensure she rules people around her. However, her step son is a problem who starts supporting his newly wed wife. She is as clever and dominating as is Jahan Ara Begum. The result is a tussle between the two that unfolds events. Jahan Ara Begum has been appreciated by critics. The drama has excellent production standards and the screenplay is really impressive. If you are looking for a good soap to follow on Hum Sitaray, then Jahan Ara Begum is definitely a drama to watch.