Drama Serial Maang On ARY Digital - Episode 13/b

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24 Jun, 2014

Maang is the story of two sisters Hira and Saba, who are living with their parents. Their father is jobless and has very few money left for his family. Hira is a novel worm and always busy in reading novels and never give any importance to other issues. On the other hand, Saba is a very decent girl and has a lot of good qualities as compared to Hira. Hira and Asad are in love with each other and want to get married as soon as possible. Asad is waiting for his big brother to get married, but his big brother is not interested in marriage; he keeps changing his girlfriends every week. Asad’s mother went to Hira’s house for Asad’ proposal but he liked Saba far more than Hira and decided to ask Saba for her son Asad. What will be the reaction of Hira and Asad?