Drama Serial Bandhay Ik Dori Say - 24/06/2014

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24 Jun, 2014

This story revolves around a lady whose name is Shivani. She was orphaned in her childhood when her parents died in a plane crash. After the tragic demise of her parents, her paternal grandfather, Daaju takes care of her. Daaju is over-protective about the young woman and believes that he can control Shivani’s life. Daaju wants the young woman to marry his childhood sweetheart, Abhimanyu. On the other hand, Abhimanyu has such evil intensions to marry Shivani and inherit Daaju’s wealth and property which Daaju is completely unaware of. With the time when Daaju realised it, he faked shivani’s marriage with Raghu (his servant) to prevent Abhimanyu from stealing away his property. Now, the story goes into a different direction, Shivani’s journey into a blissful marriage begins when she received real love from Raghu.