Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega - 24/6/2014

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24 Jun, 2014

This is a popular reality show presented by Express entertainment channel. This is based upon an already hit American TV reality show, 30 seconds to fame but a bit different as it provides a whole minute instead of 30 seconds to the contestant in order to perform the task. The participants are selected upon their abilities to perform unique, jaw-dropping or really entertaining acts and then presented with a stage where they can perform to their fullest with a limited range of time. Judges and audience are in front watching and judging the participants and they can either terminate or allow the act to go on upon the basis of their liking. If majority of the audience or the judges think the act is not worth it, they simply press buttons on already provided apparatuses and the act has to stop, however judges sometimes can use their veto power to keep it going or provide the participant with another chance. If the contestant succeeds in entertaining the audience and the judges, he/she gets a cash prize and a chance to participate in a grand event at the weekend where he/she gets a chance at winning a hefty amount and of course, fame comes along.