Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli On Express Entertainment 23 June 2014

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24 Jun, 2014

Yahan Main Ghar Ghar kheli is a story of thakur family who owned a magnificient house in the area of Ujjain, India. The chief of the family, Thakur Uday Pratab Singh, leads a luxurious lifestyle and is proud of his rich heritage. He often insulted people which he considered inferior to his own upbringing. Jagmohan Prasad, son of his driver discorded his harted against the poor people especially his dad, and decided for a revenge by deceptiously taking away his property. Thakur didn’t manage to change his lifestyle even in the new, much less awe-worthy home. Due to this, his youngest daughter, Abha, decides to go seek a job against the will of his own father. By a twist of fate, she finds job as the secretary of Jagmohan. After finding out that it’s Jagmohan who hates his father, she decided to work with him with a different name “Tasveer”. The story takes a new direction when the youngest son of Jagmohan falls in love with her.