Jhooti On Express Entertainment - Episode 19

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24 Jun, 2014

This drama serial is written by famous playwright, Seema Ghazal who knows how to do justice with drama’s characters and she has done it once again. She gets to fit every character into the plot like there are pieces in a solved puzzle. They are different yet seem like complementing each other in a certain manner. The director of the drama is Mohsin Talat who has done a very good job keeping in mind that this drama serial has a very senior and famous cast who know develop a peculiar style with the passage of time. Actors like Javed Sheikh, Danish Taimoor and Maira Khan look great in their characters and have done justice to their already established names. The story basically revolves around high society and how do people of that class act when it comes to deal with their lives. It includes all the necessary ingredients for a perfect drama including love, deceit, truthfulness, lying, greed for money, greed for power and the differences from within.