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Khuda Kay Leay - Complete Movie - Part 1/2

Awesome movie!!
Show Name:Khuda Kay Liye
Added:20 Aug 2007
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Posted by imrabiya (4 yrs ago)
" i cant see ths movie properly wnt to download full movie plz send me full address how to download khuda ke liye "
Posted by sajdah (5 yrs ago)
" plz uplod old pakistani movie talash shabnum and nadeem "
Posted by aamir_mct (5 yrs ago)
" please tell me how i can dowload the two parts of movie "
Posted by gulig420 (5 yrs ago)
" Khuda Ke Liye part 1

Directed by Shoaib Mansoor
Produced by Shoman Productions
Written by Shoaib Mansoor

Starring Shaan
Naseeruddin Shah
Fawad Khan
Iman Ali
Hameed Sheikh

Music by Rohail Hyatt
Production Manager: Rizwaan Chowdhri
Assistant Director: Rizwaan Chowdhri, Bilal.
Country Pakistan,
Release date(s) July 20, 2007
Language Urdu, English
Mor info go to this links "
Posted by gulig420 (5 yrs ago)
" u can download video u will need to get RealPlayer

or u can get utorrent

go to all this links

if u need my help let me know "
Posted by aanzakhan (6 yrs ago)
" how to download these videos.can any 1 tel me plzzzzz "
Posted by (6 yrs ago)
" film bohut achi haisab ko mubarak ho "
Posted by BoZz (6 yrs ago)
" 'For God's sake' upload the second part. Thanks "
Posted by colorful (6 yrs ago)
" This film is about the difficult situation in which pakistanis in particular and the muslims in general are caught up since 9/11. there is a war going on between the fundamentalists and the liberal muslims. this situation is creating a drift not only between the western world and the muslims but also within the muslim community. the educated and modern muslims are in a difficult situation because of their approach towards life and their western attire. they are criticized and harassed by the fundamentalists and on the other hand the western world sees them as potential suspects of terrorism just because of their muslim names. This paradox is resulting in great suffering for a forward looking muslim. This is the theme of the film "khuda ke liye", which in english means "in the name of God". The interesting thing about the film is how it connects the happenings in the three continents. unlike the usual indian and pakistani films based on romantic sagas, dances and songs, this film is based on some very serious issues, raising a lot of controversial questions engaging the muslims minds these days. It helps the muslim youth find a direction... The right direction, which we all are looking towards. "
Posted by brownkhan (6 yrs ago)
" It shos you how mullah brigade can destroy lives like they'v been doing for decades now. Damn you Zia-ul-haq! "
Posted by marmaid_9 (6 yrs ago)
" film tries to favor secularism, there r some deviant sects within pk n muslim world who giv islam a bad name but that doesnot mean youth needs to abandon islamic rulings like marriage, women r not allowed to marry unbeleiver man. thats clearly stated in quran. So i dunno how can they permot such sufi crap on movie n think they can get away with it...well they can cuz they r marketing this movie to secular-middle-class pkstanis who r likely to be influenced by deviant molvis. molvis themselvs hav their own secterian wars within nation.. They need to giv up their so-called "Aalim-e-Deen" status n follow deen as was passed down by pious predcessors. The newly invented matters is what causing much division in our country. If everyone devoted more of their time to quran n sunnah, n rulings on matters was issued by our salaf us saleh then there wudnt be much division. Evythin cud b in harmony. I recommend to all u who want authentic rulings.. Asalam aleykum. "
Posted by (6 yrs ago)
" dfg "
Posted by teebzzz (6 yrs ago)
" what a movie!!!! "
Posted by qasimraza (6 yrs ago)
" the movie came 2nd at cairo film festival ... shoaib made all of us proud "


Woodbridge NJ, United States (US)